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Alabama Nursing Home Deficiencies, Assisted Living, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Etc.

Find free reports on deficiencies for AL nursing homes, assisted living, outpatient surgery facilities, hospitals, home health agencies, hospices, end stage renal disease treatment (kidney dialysis) centers, rehab facilities and more. Some Inspection reports may contain no deficiencies, but simply report a regulatory visit. Site by the Alabama Department of Public Health

California Nursing Home, Home Health and Hospice Cost and Quality Ratings Editor's Pick

CA HealthCare Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropy and UC San Francisco have teamed up to provide this ratings site for California Nursing Homes, Home Health and Hospice organizations. Nursing facilities are rated on staffing, quality, inspections, complaints, cost and finance measures. Map shows by color which nursing homes are Superior, or less (down to Poor). Average charges for 2016 or older are shown. Home Health and Hospice are rated on quality measures. This site also serves as a directory for residential care (assisted living) and other senior care programs. Updated 2017 from – one of the best

Colorado Health Facilities & Home Health – Complaints, Occurrences, Surveys

Shows complaints, inspection surveys, and adverse events that must be reported to the state for all types of facilities licensed by Colorado, including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living residences, ambulatory surgery, birth centers, chiropractic centers, dialysis clinics, hospice and home health agencies, outpatient physical therapy, adult day programs, mental health clinics, portable x-ray services, trauma center. State government website by the CO Department of Public Health and Environment

Connecticut Health Care Facility License – Verification

Verify facility licenses for Connecticut nursing homes (filed under C for Chronic and Convalescent), home health agencies, hospice, hospitals, mental health facilities, outpatient clinics, surgical facilities, substance abuse and recovery care centers, residential care, and other health care services. CT Dept. of Public Health site shows contact and management information. Easy to use, but limited information

Florida Hospice Ratings –

Obtain Hospice inspection reports in Florida. Site links to the federal HospiceCompare to compare quality ratings. Easy-to-use site from (FL Agency for Health Care Administration)

Florida Inspection Reports – All health facilities, 2017

Recent inspection reports for all types of healthcare faciilities in Florida. Site includes ambulatory surgery centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, birth centers, hospitals, clinics, home health, hospice, lab, MRI and imaging centers (see health care clinics), dialysis, rehab agencies, residential treatment centers and more. Both regular biennial inspection reports, and those from complaint investigations are included. Site by FL Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is easy to use. Updated for 2017

Georgia – Hospitals, nursing homes, home health, and more

Facility Inspection Reports by the Office of Regulatory Services at DHR – Locate any state-licensed, registered or certified health facility (including ESRD) or assisted living personal care homes in GA. Updated for 2017. Check to see if there is a report available. Limited comparative information. Most hospitals do NOT have inspection violation reports. Nursing home and home health reports are referred to the federal NursingHomeCompare and HomeHealthCompare Web sites

New York State Home Health and Hospice Care Ratings (2015) Editor's Pick

Search by county to compare certified home health agencies and hospice programs. Site by NY Department of Health shows actual scores and whether high performer, average, or poor performer. Uses 2014-2015 data. Click on Quality tab to see measures for an agency; other tabs show survey inspection summaries and fines. Consumers may have difficulty understanding the different agency categories: Certified home health agencies vs. licensed or long-term home health. Limited info on hospice care. The sheer number of agencies can easily overwhelm consumers. Might be helpful to start with names of recommended agencies to compare. Updated 2016

Washington DC HealthCare Facility Inspection Reports

District of Columbia Health Department provides inspection reports online for their health care facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living, home care agencies, and more. Easy to use, although inspection reports are not very easy to read, and may be older than you would like (e.g. 2014 or older)

Other Helpful Listings

North Dakota – CNA (nursing assistants) Abuse List (pdf)

You can check to see if a certified nurse aide has been on the validated abuse list in the last 25 years in ND. Types: mental, neglect, physical, sexual, theft and verbal abuse. State government list, 7 pages, updated October 30, 2017

Pennsylvania Health Care Facility & Home Health Locator

The PA Dept. of Health provides a search by county for an Ambulatory Surgical Center, Birth Center, Outpatient Rehab, Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Renal/ Kidney Dialysis, Home Health Agency, Hospice, Hospital, Intermediate Care for Developmentally Disabled/Mentally Retarded, Nursing Homes, Pediatric Extended Care, Speech and Physical Therapy, Portable X-Ray, and Rural Health Clinic. Many of the sites have links to facility-specific inspection survey reports

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