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The Ratings section of ConsumerHealthRatings.com provides links to professionally prepared reports showing specific performance for hospitals, surgery centers, nursing homes, health insurance plans, clinics, and in some cases specific physicians - by name. The physician and surgeon category provides links to get free reports on individual doctors. Reports may be prepared by government, accrediting bodies, employer-based purchasing coalitions, non-profit professional societies, hospital associations, insurance-related groups, for-profit corporations or other coalitions. They use different methods and report formats, and are not always easy to read. But we have tried to find the best of what is out there, and get you to it with as few steps as possible, so you can make informed decisions about your health care. Keywords: Quality, Ratings, Rankings, Report cards, Scorecards; Patient, Resident, Consumer, Member Satisfaction

Health Care Report Card Compendium 1996 to present (AHRQ)

Searchable database of over 200 sources of consumer reports that compare quality of doctors, medical groups, hospitals, nursing homes, health insurance plans, home health, dialysis and others. May search by region. Links to old reports dating to 1996, and reports available only by paying a fee are listed. Target user: those who develop report cards. Created by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, May 2007

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