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Travel, Medical Tourism and Health

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Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons prepared this briefing paper on vacation-related surgery trips. The Society provides a patient safety checklist. Useful overview and link to international ASPS member surgeons. Updated 2010. This site also has a 2017 report of a study on complications and costs of medical tourism for cosmetic surgery

MedlinePlus: Traveler's Health

Topics for consumers who travel, such as jet lag, ears and altitude, motion sickness, in-flight medicine, traveler first aid kits, Cruise ships, Zika, vaccine recommendations, pregnancy and flying can all be found at this site

Risks with Medical Tourism (CDC and AMA)

The CDC discusses risks, and provides advice and guidance on medical tourism. They state the 9 principles from the American Medical Association for employers and insurance companies to follow when encouraging consumers to get medical care outside the US.

Travel and Health | CDC

Extensive site by the CDC that covers travel injuries and illnesses abroad, vaccinations, health warnings and precautions, cruise ship and air travel. Also provides links to individual state health department websites, and allows search by international destination location. Sections for Zika and any new outbreaks CDC is monitoring

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