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Governance, Boards and Healthcare Leadership

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Boards of Directors & Responsibility for Health Care Quality

This 11-page resource by the American Health Lawyers Association and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) addresses healthcare Board members' quality oversight process in the context of legal responsibilities. Outlines Duty of Care, Duty of Obedience to the Mission, general questions board members should ask about hospital quality, and more. Language in the 2007 pdf can be lawyerly.

CEO Concerns: Top Hospital Issues, Oct. 2014

ACHE annual survey asked CEOs to identify their top three issues. The overwhelming number one choice continues to be financial challenges with top concern about Medicaid reimbursement and bad debt. Tied for Second choice were implementing Healthcare Reform and Government mandates. Patient Safety and Quality came in 4th. Care for the uninsured was #5. Response rate 30%, by the American College of Healthcare Executives. Released January 2015

Ethical Policy Statements for Healthcare Executives (ACHE)

The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) provides a series of nine Ethical Policy Statements. They present ACHE’s position on various ethical issues in healthcare and suggest a standard of behavior for healthcare executives facing these challenges.

Good Governance - 33 Principles & Ethical Practices

Independent Sector (formerly the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector, a group of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders) identifies 33 Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice, grouped in four categories: Legal Compliance and Public Disclosure (7, including conflict of interest, transparency & public reporting); Effective Governance (13, incl. structure, composition, independence, board evaluation, compensation); Strong Financial Oversight (6) and Responsible Fundraising (7). Updated 2015

Good Governance Practices - IRS (pdf)

Eight page paper on good governance in 501(c)(3) charitable organizations - briefly addresses mission, organizational documents, board role and size, ethics, transparency in financial reporting, executive compensation, and other topics. Released by the Internal Revenue Service Feb. 2008

Governance in Community Health Systems (pdf)

Research (2007-2008) from Larry Prybil et al, on governance in high performing nonprofit community health systems, relates trustee practices to hospital data from Thomson Reuters. Readable and highly relevant to boards of directors seeking best practices. Published through Grant Thornton, 64 pages, Feb. 2009

Pharmaceutical Companies - Code of Ethics (pdf)

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) updated its voluntary Code on Interactions with Health Professionals, effective in January 2009. The new code eliminates free mugs and pens from drug companies and drug reps, and limits meals; 36 pp.

Spencer Stuart US Board Index 2015

Description of boards of directors at S&P 500 corporations. Examines composition, compensation and corporate governance. Women directors at 20% (up from 16% in 2010). Detailed information about Board director compensation (average $277,000) by company, including health insurance, pharma and other healthcare companies. Published Nov. 2015

Toolkit for Boards - Free and Online

Nearly 10,000 links to online resources on Board topics such as Board orientation, Board evaluation, Board Roles, Ethics, Term Limits, Relationship with the CEO, Recruiting New Board Members, Fundraising and more. There are approximately 650 topics in the Library. Administration of the Library is done by personnel of Authenticity Consulting, a private consulting business based in Minneapolis, MN. Content is user-contributed

Other Helpful Listings

40 Maxims for Board Members - Navigating the Boardroom

Monograph from Dennis Pointer outlines 40 maxims for Board members to follow in order to increase governance effectiveness. Distributed through ACHE with support from the Washington State Hospital Association, 2008; 56-page pdf

Anti-Fraud Resource Center for Consumers (NHCAA)

Healthcare fraud is estimated at billions in annual payment costs, according to the National Health Care Anti-fraud Association (NHCAA). Here's what consumers can do to help avoid health care scams and illegal medical charges; and where to report suspected criminal health insurance activity

Blues Plan Board Compensation

List shows compensation paid in 2009 to the Board chairs at Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans. Also shows the minimum any Board director received. By AIS Health Business Daily, December 2010

Boards on Board - Getting Started Kit from IHI.org

Link to the Get Boards on Board getting started kit (How-To Guide) from IHI.org. Goal is to get trustees to spend more than 25% of their meeting time on quality and safety issues and to undertake 6 activities - including a Deep Dive case study of a significant patient injury. Other 5 Million Lives intervention materials also at this link. Must register (free)

Governance Institute Biennial Survey 2015 (for purchase)

Governance Institute’s 2015 Biennial Survey of Hospitals and Health Systems, reports board composition and structure, meeting frequency, and content of agendas, and other board practices. Price $395 (5/2017)

Standards for Charity Accountability - 20 Standards

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance (give.org) outlines 20 standards for accreditation, and to assist donors in making sound giving decisions, fostering public confidence in charitable organizations. Boards and leaders of foundations that solicit funds from the public may find these standards helpful relative to governing, spending and disclosure of information to the public. National Charity Reports Index also at this site

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