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State-Level Inspection Reports and Quality Ratings - Long Term Care


Primary Listings

Alabama Nursing Home Deficiencies, Assisted Living, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Etc.

Find free reports on deficiencies for AL nursing homes, assisted living, outpatient surgery facilities, hospitals, home health agencies, hospices, end stage renal disease treatment (kidney dialysis) centers, rehab facilities and more. Some Inspection reports may contain no deficiencies, but simply report a regulatory visit. Site by the Alabama Department of Public Health

Arizona Long Term Care Nursing Home Ratings (free)

Search by County, city, or facility name or see all top-rated AZ nursing homes. Recent ratings are done on an A-B-C-D rating scale; find Excellent nursing home facilities rated A (score 90 or higher). Site by the Arizona Dept. of Health Services Licensing Services shows 113 nursing homes received an A rating as of Nov. 2012; 7 received B; no C & D ratings

California Nursing Home, Home Health and Hospice Cost and Quality Ratings  Editor's Pick

CA HealthCare Foundation, a nonprofit philanthropy and UC San Francisco have teamed up to provide this ratings site for California Nursing Homes, Home Health and Hospice organizations. Nursing facilities are rated on staffing, quality and cost and finance measures. Home Health and Hospice are rated on quality measures. This site also serves as a directory for residential care (assisted living) and other senior care programs. From CalQualityCare.org - one of the best

Colorado Nursing Homes - Occurrence Reports & Complaints

Detailed information, including Occurrences and Complaints. Reportable occurrences include unexplained deaths, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, life-threatening complications of anesthesia, life-threatening transfusion errors/reactions, severe burns, missing persons, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, misappropriation of property, diverted drugs and malfunction/misuse of equipment. Health facilities must report these occurrences within one business day. Updated 2012

Connecticut Health Care Facility License - Verification

Verify facility licenses for Connecticut assisted living facilities, nursing homes (filed under C for Chronic and Convalescent), home health agencies, hospice, hospitals, mental health facilities, outpatient clinics, surgical facilities, substance abuse and recovery care centers, residential care, and other health care services. CT Dept. of Public Health site shows contact and management information. Easy to use, but limited information

Florida Inspection Reports - All health facilities, 2012

Recent inspection reports for all types of healthcare faciilities in Florida. Site includes ambulatory surgery centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, birth centers, hospitals, clinics, home health, hospice, lab, MRI and imaging centers (see health care clinics), dialysis, rehab agencies, residential treatment centers and more. Both regular biennial inspection reports, and those from complaint investigations are included. Site by FL Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is easy to use. Updated for 2012

Florida Nursing Home Guide - 2015 (AHCA)  Editor's Pick

Search by Region to find state inspection reports on FL nursing homes. Guide shows who gets a 5-star rating and inspection details. Contains Watch List for bankrupt or conditional status facilities (a large number). Shows the few Gold Seal care centers for excellent care facilities. Consumers can also learn about cost (lowest daily charge), and Web link to the facility. Clear, simple presentation with a font size you can read. Information is current; site by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. Nicely done

Georgia - Hospitals, nursing homes, home health, and more

Facility Inspection Reports by the Office of Regulatory Services at DHR - Locate any state-licensed, registered or certified health facility (including ESRD) or assisted living personal care homes in GA. Updated for 2012. Check to see if there is a report available. Limited comparative information. Most hospitals do NOT have inspection violation reports. Nursing home and home health reports are referred to the federal NursingHomeCompare and HomeHealthCompare Web sites

Illinois Nursing Homes - Survey Inspections and Average Room Rates (Prices)

After selecting the nursing home you're interested in, click on the Surveys or Private Payment Rates on the far RIGHT of the nursing home screen to find information on inspection survey results, complaint investigations and prices charged for single or double room. Prices shown in November 2012 still reflected old Dec. 31, 2006 rates. Additional information about staffing, ownership, types of residents can be found here. Site by IL Department of Public Health

Illinois Quarterly Reports of Nursing Home Violators

Each quarter, the IL Dept. of Public Health assembles a report of nursing home facilities which have been determined to be in violation of the Nursing Home Care Act. Facilities in Chicago and statewide. 2012 (and earlier) reports are available, plus outline of circumstances leading to as much as $150,000 fines for some violations

Indiana Nursing Home Report Cards and Inspection Ratings

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find: View Nursing Home Report Cards. Inspection survey reports and complaint history updated 2012. Consumers encouraged to also check the Medicare Nursing Home Compare & other national tools

Iowa Nursing Home Licensure Status

Iowa department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA) informs the public of licensure status of nursing homes, assisted living and other health facilities. Get a list by city or county, and click on View (to the right) - which hasn't worked for us in the last five years. Iowa's contact number is (515) 281-4115

Louisiana Nursing Home Ratings 2010

Compare up to four LA nursing homes at a time in a city, to find ratings of one to five stars. State government dept. of health uses 2010 data from health inspections, staffing levels, fire safety, and quality measures to create an overall score. More current information can be found at NursingHomeCompare (federal). This site by Louisiana HealthFinderLA.gov

Maryland Nursing Home Guide

Compare more than 200 MD nursing homes and 34 Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs). Search by county or zip code. May specify criteria such as Alzheimer's care, rehab, ventilator, dialysis. Once you find a facility you're interested in, you can compare family satisfaction survey results, as well as percent of staff who got the flu shot. Current to 2012 (some data are older). By the Maryland Health Care Commission

Massachusetts - Nursing Home Inspection Reports

Consumer-friendly search tools for nursing home survey inspection reports . Search by facility name or town anywhere in Massachusetts (MA). Gives information about last 3 inspections, administration, nursing, resident rights, food service, and environment. Get more information by clicking on More Details at the bottom. If you dive deeper, you can find old 2009 resident satisfaction scores. They have not been updated. From mass.gov HHS, inspection reports updated to 2017

Minnesota Nursing Home Report Card  Editor's Pick

Hands down, this is the best state report card for nursing homes. Easy to use. Compare nursing homes in whatever zip code region you specify, according to your top 3 favorite criteria. Simple 5-star comparison system. Shows Family Satisfaction, Quality of Life, Quality of Care, Staff turnover & hours of direct care, private rooms and more. MN survey inspection reports are linked. Daily room rates shown for each nursing home, although the case mix table is complicated. Click on the nursing home's name to get the details. MN Dept. of Health site updated 2017

Missouri - Long Term Care Inspection Reports

Recent inspection reports for every licensed Missouri nursing home, residential care facility, assisted living, and skilled nursing facility (SNF) can be found here, even those who don't participate in Medicare or Medicaid. Click on the DATE to see the inspection findings. Site by the MO Department of Health and Senior Services

New Jersey Nursing Home and Assisted Living Inspections

Inspection summaries and comparisons by county or city for NJ nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Consumers can specify Behavioral Management or Specialized Care such as Ventilator beds for a more focused search. Inspection and survey deficiencies are listed by code number, which isn't very helpful

New York City Public Hospitals and Nursing Home Ratings 2015  Editor's Pick

Compare quality of care ratings for 11 NYC public hospitals (Bellevue, Coney Island, Elmhurst in Flushing, Harlem, Jacobi, Kings County, Lincoln, Metropolitan, North Central Bronx, Queens in Jamaica, and Woodhull in Brooklyn). Topics: heart care and survival rates for heart attack and heart failure; pneumonia, and preventing infections associated with central lines, ventilators (VAP) and surgery. Four nursing homes (Coler-Goldwater, Gourverneur, McKinney, Sea View) also can be compared for pressure ulcers (bedsores), pain management and preventing falls. NYC.gov site uses 2014 data. Nice site, with improved format for facility-specific information. Impressive gains have been made in reducing hospital infections since 2010. Editor's pick for the hospital Infections info & nursing home comparisons

New York State Compare Nursing Homes  Editor's Pick

Easy-to-use site allows consumers to search by county or zip code area and see NY nursing home comparisons side-by-side. Compare Quality shows 19 measures such as bedsores, bladder control, urinary tract infections, restraint use, percent more depressed or anxious, percent of residents who got the seasonal flu shot (last 2 flu seasons). Better nursing homes listed on top. Click on nursing facility name to see how many of 5 stars it receives for each measure, plus inspection, certification and complaint survey results. Directory View is helpful for names and map location. Can also search from the main page for special licensed services such as Ventilator-dependent, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Adult Day Care. NY Dept. of Health site; most data are 2010, updated 2011

North Carolina Nursing Home Fines and Penalties (DHSR)

NC Division of Health Service Regulation lists fines to long term care nursing facilities and adult care homes (senior and assisted living, rest homes, etc), showing date, amount and the type of violation during 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Ohio - Compare Long-Term Care Facility Quality Ratings & Cost  Editor's Pick

State government site (ohio.gov) with side-by-side comparisons of OH nursing homes. Shows family and resident satisfaction, detailed inspection survey reports, and the cost for private pay (rate per day). Easy to navigate. Has 12 specialty categories to make your search easier - such as Alzheimer's care, bariatric, dialysis, advanced wound care, spinal cord injury, TBI, or ventilator care. Can sort results by highest ratings from residents. Links also provided to Assisted Living and Home Health searches in Ohio. Includes 2015 inspections

Oklahoma Nursing Home Ratings - free  Editor's Pick

Compare nursing homes in Okla. according to what is most important to you - Overall 1 to 5-star rating, Resident/Family satisfaction, Clinical Measures, Nursing Staff per patient day, Turnover & Retention and other factors. Very easy to use and one of the best state nursing facility comparison sites. Updated by the OK Health Care Authority 2015. Would be nice if they showed dates for the ratings

Pennsylvania - Compare Nursing Care Facilities

This site by the PA Department of Health allows a search for nursing homes by county or zip code radius. Find out about inspection results and citations; updated 2010

Rhode Island Nursing Home Satisfaction, Staffing & Quality 2015

Compare nursing homes in Rhode Island, as rated by family and resident satisfaction surveys. Find nursing homes with 5 star Overall ratings (scale 1 to 5) plus ratings for satisfaction, staffing, inspections, quality and more. There were 23 top-rated 5-star homes. Listed by county. RI Dept. of Health, Nursing Home Summary Report, December 2015.

South Dakota Nursing Home Reports

Excellent, easy to use state Health Department website provides survey reports on all 111 South Dakota nursing homes. Organized by city, town. Click on the date for the annual survey findings, or an inspection survey that was done because of a complaint. Survey reports can be difficult to read, but they may provide a lot of detailed and useful information for consumers. Up to date with 3 years of reports through 2015

State Health Departments - healthfinder®

List at healthfinder.gov - Links to all state health departments, compiled by the US Department of Health and Human Services

State-by-State Guide to Nursing Homes, AARP

This AARP guide to state nursing home resources updated January 2008

Texas Long Term Care and Home Health: Ratings and Complaints (DADS)

Long Term Care Quality Reporting System (LTC QRS) shows quality ratings for nursing homes, and size, complaints, investigations and inspections for all long term care facilities, assisted living centers and home health agencies. Operated by Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)

Virginia Nursing Facilities - Financial Information, Prices, Quality

Financial information, some with prices (daily or monthly rates) for Nursing homes and assisted living facilities, grouped by region. Some have links to Quality reports, and may be updated to 2010, but dates vary. Site by Virginia Health Information

Wisconsin Nursing Homes Consumer Information Reports

Scroll to the bottom of the page to search by Wisconsin county, or use individual nursing facility name. Consumer Information Reports contain information on staffing ratios and staff turnover, survey inspection findings and deficiencies. Information on Facilities for People with Developmental Disabilities also found at this site. 2008 data prepared by the WI State Dept. of Health Services

Other Helpful Listings

Delaware - List of Licensed Nursing Homes (roster only)

Delaware does not yet post online survey inspection reports or complaints on their nursing homes. Here is a simple list of names and addresses in DE as of November 2011

Michigan Nursing Home Directory (roster list only)

Do a statewide Nursing Home Search at this site by the MI Department of Community Health. Basic facility information only. Link to inspection reports takes consumers to the national NursingHomeCompare website. No state quality reports or complaint summaries appear to be available online

Minnesota Assisted Living - Home Care Survey Results

MN may have two relevant survey programs for assisted living - the home care portion (HCP) of assisted living (link provided here), plus an Assisted Living (housing with services) no longer active. Survey results through 2010 posted

Nebraska lists of health care facilities (rosters only)

Lists with addresses and telephone numbers of health care facilities licensed in NE, including hospitals, nursing homes, adult day services, assisted living facilities, hospices, home health agencies, ambulatory surgery centers, mental health, substance abuse, respite care centers, and some clinics such as kidney dialysis services. Roster only, no quality or inspection information provided by Nebraska DHHS Licensing office. Some specialty services are listed in the fine print

North Carolina Licensed Nursing Homes (roster only)

List of all the nursing care facilities in NC. Organized alphabetically or by county. Location and contact information only. Updated 2011

North Carolina lists of health care facilites (rosters, pdf)

Find state-licensed facilities in NC: assisted living adult care (7 or more beds), family care homes (2 to 6 beds), nursing homes, ambulatory surgery and endoscopy centers, cardiac rehabilitation facilities, home health and hospice care services, hospitals, ICF/MR; mental health facilities, residential treatment centers and psychiatric hospitals. Basic contact and addresses, including facility license number. Rosters only

North Dakota - CNA (nursing assistants) Abuse List (pdf)

You can check to see if a certified nurse aide has been on the validated abuse list in the last 25 years in ND. Types: mental, neglect, physical, sexual, theft and verbal abuse. State government list, 7 pages, updated 2016

North Dakota Nursing Home List (roster, pdf)

ND skilled nursing home list shows address and telephone number, name of administrator and director of nursing, bed size, and Medicare / Medicaid ID numbers. Use list on left to find Assisted Living facilities (under Basic Care). Updated 2010

Pennsylvania Assisted Living/Personal Care Home Directory

Directory is operated by the PA Department of Public Welfare. It is primarily a list of licensed assisted living facility addresses, with violation reports linked. Includes facility size and whether non-profit or for-profit. Search by county. Updated 2011

SC - Assisted Living and Community Residential Care Facilities 2017

Alphabetical list (117 pages) of licensed assisted living and Community residential care facilities in South Carolina, with address and number of beds. Indicates whether or not certified for Alzheimer's Care. Updated monthly

Tennessee lists of Health Care Facilities (rosters only)

Lists health care facilities in TN, including assisted living, nursing homes, hospitals, kidney dialysis (end stage renal), residential rehabilitation treatment facilities, home health, hospice, birthing centers and more. Shows contact information and license expiration date

Washington DC Nursing Home List (roster only)

Simple list of nursing homes from the local District of Columbia Department of Health office, shows address, size and contact information

Washington Nursing Home Locator (roster)

Interactive database to help consumers find nursing homes in the state of WA. Basic contact information provided. Not as easy to use as other states' websites

West Virginia Health Care Facility Lookup Lists (roster)

Interactive database to find a WV nursing home, skilled nursing care facility or assisted living residence; ambulatory surgery center, hospital, kidney dialysis center (end stage renal disease), physical therapist, rehab center, and more. Contains basic contact information. From Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification (OHFLAC)

Wisconsin Assisted Living Facility Directories - Provider Profiles

Four categories of WI Assisted Living facilities are provided: Adult Day Care, Adult Family Home, Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) and Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC). Each organization and facility has its own report that includes an Inspection Summary; No side-by-side comparisons. However, this link shows profiles by individual county to aid your search

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