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Drugs - General Average Cost of Prescription Drugs

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Average Cost for Asthma Medications in Children

Statistical Brief # 341 shows average cost for children's asthma medications; average $123 out of pocket, of $605 total medication cost, in 2007-2008. Growth in number of asthma patients is compared to ten years earlier. MEPS data published Sept. 2011. Most likely costs have gone up

Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs

Drug report cost updates on prescription medicines such as Alzheimer's Disease drugs, statins, beta blockers, antidepressants, ACE inhibitors, heartburn and acid reflux drugs, antihistamines, triptans for migraine headaches, overactive bladder drugs, ADHD drugs, and more. From the widely respected Consumer Reports

Drugs - Expenditures in 2010 (2013 MEPS report)

In 2010, an estimated 61% of people in the US purchased at least one prescription drug. Average expense for the year was $1432 for those who had drug costs. Statistical Brief 413 by AHRQ (published June 2013) uses MEPS data; 10 states are highlighted. Click on PDF Link to see the 5-page report

Generic Drug and Cost Calculator (Interactive)  Editor's Pick

Compare costs of brand name drugs against generic prescription drugs. Site (bcbst.com) is sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Other Helpful Listings

CEO PayWatch Database

Web site by the AFL-CIO permits searches to find CEO compensation in publicly traded companies. Can search by industry sector, such as Health Services (includes for-profit hospital companies), Insurance, and Pharmaceutical industries. Transparency of CEO pay. Easy to use

Healthcare Expenses for Seniors (MEPS 2011 data)

Special report on Health Care Expenditures for the Elderly Age 65 and over, shows median annual expenditures were $4206. Average expenses for those with expense were $9863 in 2011. Medicare paid over 62% (up considerably from 10 years ago); private insurance paid 16%; out-of-pocket amount declined to 12%. 96% of seniors had some healthcare expense, most often office-based care and prescribed medicines. Medications took up 22% of the total, averaging $76 per purchase. For seniors, the inpatient room rate averaged $3199 per day (sticker shock); ER visit was $884 on average; office visit was $228. MEPS Statistical Brief #429, Jan. 2014

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