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Miscellaneous Specialty Services that May Not be Covered by Insurance - Typical Average Cost

Primary Listings

CDC Vaccine Contract Price List

If you're interested in knowing the cost per dose for pediatric or adult influenza vaccines (contract price to CDC or private sector), this website has the list. Shows manufacturers Sanofi, Novartis, GSK Glaxo Smith Kline, CSL Biotherapies, and MedImmune. No swine flu vaccine yet. Prices do not include doctor's office visit cost

Physician Payments: Average Medicare payment for 25 Common Office visits

Difficult file to use for find out what Medicare paid for certain types of office visits and procedures in 2012. Average doctor's price is NOT SHOWN, but only the allowed amount determined by Medicare, and how much Medicare paid on average (for every state). Must know how to use Excel files and billing code knowledge also helpful. Medicare paid $49 for a 99213 office code (15 minute office visit for an established patient) and $73 for a 25-minute office visit, and just $101 for a 60-minute visit (est. patients). If the patient was new, Medicare paid $73 on average for a 30 minute visit, and $116 for 45 minutes. Medicare's annual wellness visit was paid at $165 for new enrollees, then $111 for subsequent annual visits. The most common EKG was paid at $14, ear wax removal at $36, pneumonia or annual flu shot at $23. Terribly dated; last updated Sept. 2013

Migraines and Other Headaches - Expenses & Healthcare Use (AHRQ-MEPS pdf)

Average annual estimates on health service use and expenses for migraines in people under age 65. Estimate of 4.2% of women are affected, vs. 1% of men. Average out of pocket drug costs for migraine expenditures were $469 in 2007 (of $1856 total drug costs). Total out of pocket for all health expenses was $1067. Statistical Brief #316, published March 2011

Other Helpful Listings

Caregivers: What They Spend, What They Sacrifice, 2007 (pdf)

A survey in June-July, 2007, by the National Alliance for Caregiving and Evercare Health Plans (part of UnitedHealthcare) calculated that family caregivers spend an average $5531 a year caring for older loved ones. Long-distance caregivers had the highest average expenses at $8728 per year. November 2007; 46 pages

Cochlear Implant Assistance Program - Financial Help

Financial Assistance may be available for a small supply of cochlear implant devices through the Cochlear Implant Assistance Program. linked at the nonprofit Colorado Neurological Institute. CNI states the total cost is about $65,000

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