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CEOs and Executives, Compensation

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CEO PayWatch Database

Web site by the AFL-CIO permits searches to find CEO compensation in publicly traded companies. Can search by industry sector, such as Health Services (includes for-profit hospital companies), Insurance, and Pharmaceutical industries. Transparency of CEO pay. Easy to use

GuideStar.org - Form 990 and Executive Compensation, Nonprofits  Editor's Pick

Free registration is required to access the basic database, but it is worth your time. Guidestar.org is a go-to source. Most tax-exempt nonprofits file a Form 990 with the IRS, which shows important financial information and executive compensation (or portion of executive comp) received from that organization. Guidestar reports having over 7 million users per year

Hospital CEO Turnover Rates by State (ACHE)

The American College of Healthcare Executives' annual tracking of CEO turnover at hospitals shows annual turnover has been steady at 18% for three years, 2014 to 2016. CEO turnover hit 20% in 2013, and has been above 15% since 2009. ACHE has been tracking and researching these trends for over 35 years

Other Helpful Listings

CEO Concerns: Top Hospital Issues, Oct. 2014

ACHE annual survey asked CEOs to identify their top three issues. The overwhelming number one choice continues to be financial challenges with top concern about Medicaid reimbursement and bad debt. Tied for Second choice were implementing Healthcare Reform and Government mandates. Patient Safety and Quality came in 4th. Care for the uninsured was #5. Response rate 30%, by the American College of Healthcare Executives. Released January 2015

Illinois Nursing Home 2016 Long Term Care Cost Reports

Each licensed nursing home in IL files a cost report that shows statistics and financial information on its operations. Available online through the IL Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services. Geared to administrative uses, 2016 reports show who owns the facility, and annual salary for key positions

Salary and Compensation - Physicians, Medical Group Practices (AMGA)  Editor's Pick

Summary data from the 2014 survey of physician compensation in medical group practices. Annual Survey by the American Medical Group Association. Register (free) to find median compensation by specialty, at cejka website. About 75 specialties listed

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