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Learn More about General Cost of Medical Care in the US and Average Charges within a State


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Average Medicare Payments for Hospital Outpatient Services

Average 2014 Medicare costs for certain outpatient procedures commonly performed in hospitals, listed by county and state, as well as US overall average Medicare payment. Files are detailed and complicated, not user-friendly.

Minnesota: How Much Does It Cost? (word doc)

Short document from the Minnesota Council of Health Plans, 2005, displays average charges (from 2003) for nearly 50 common medical treatments (including endoscopy, ear tubes, hysterectomy, tonsillectomy, having a baby, and some prescription drugs), using Minnesota data. An interesting comparison is the cost for the same problem (e.g. sore throat or ear ache), depending on whether the patient seeks office care, urgent care or ER care. This report adds together charges from both the hospital and the physician - not commonly seen in reports of charges. In a time when price data are so difficult to get, this report earns an Editor's Pick as a starting point. After all, did you know that stepping on a rusty nail could cost over $1000, or that a colonoscopy could be a $2000 question? (And this was BEFORE 15 years of steady price increases!)

Montana Hospital Outpatient Surgery Costs

Compare MT hospital charges for ambulatory surgery and diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, breast biopsy, cardiac stress tests, cardiac catheterization. All prices EXCLUDE surgeon fees and other physician costs. PricePoint system shows last year's facility prices for common surgical procedures such as tonsillectomy, cataracts, ear tubes, knee cartilage, bunions, child's appendix removal, carpal tunnel, skin lesions, upper GI endoscopy; 2010 costs

Texas - Diabetes Patient Charges and Quality of Care, 2016 (TBGH)

Report on Type 2 Diabetes shows average 2014-2015 charges for inpatient hospital, outpatient, office visits, ambulatory surgery, emergency room, insulin and other drugs, for diabetes patients in Austin, Bryan/College Station, Dallas, El Paso, Ft. Worth/ Arlington, Galveston, Houston, Lubbock, San Antonio and Tyler, TX. Quality results also shown. National numbers also shown. By Texas Business Group on Health, 2016

Virginia Healthcare Prices (2015)

Find average price ALLOWED in 2015 for 30 common healthcare services, including hospitalizations (maternity), outpatient xray/imaging, CT and MRI tests; colonoscopy, mammogram; inpatient or ambulatory surgery (e.g. hernia, gall bladder, knee replacement, tonsillectomy, kidney stones); and ER or office visits. Shows costs but doesn't identify if it's facility cost only or INCLUDES the surgeon or other physician fees. Each service shows the average allowed amount that you or your insurance plan paid in 2015. More relevant than most pricing information, but confusing because of the doctor fee questions. From Virginia Health Information (VHI), updated Dec. 2016

Self-Reported Average Costs - Medica (Health Plan Contract Rates)  Editor's Pick

Main Street Medica provides average cost ranges by hospital or clinic name, for common hospital inpatient stays, outpatient surgery, diagnostic imaging tests, medical equipment, prosthetics, & supplies for diabetes & ostomy care, chiropractors. Also gives comparative costs for generic vs. prescription drugs, and price estimates for lab tests. Links to quality reports: MN Healthscores is reliable, but HealthGrades physician ratings reports are unscientific. Read carefully. Includes Minnesota, Fargo and Grand Forks, ND, Sioux Falls, SD and a few WI hospitals. Reported prices apply to Medica member services, not necessarily the general public. Prices are a little old (e.g. 2013), but site is very responsive and easy to use if you search by Procedure or Condition. Medica is a Twin Cities-based NCQA-accredited health insurance plan serving 1.7 million people.

Other Helpful Listings

Medical Cost Advocate

If you need help negotiating your bills, this commercial company will help get the price down. They take 35% of the savings.

Prevention Makes Common "Cents"

Detailed report by US Department of Health and Human Services (September 2003) addressing the cost of disease and illness. Specific sections are included on Overweight and Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease, Asthma, and Tobacco Use. Metabolic Syndrome also discussed

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