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Emergency Departments, ER Operations


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Emergency Dept. Report - Florida 2013 data (pdf)

Summary report shows average cost (charges) for a hospital ER visit based on acuity. Low acuity Pediatric visit was about $800 in 2013; high acuity pediatric ER visit was about $2400. For adult women, low acuity mean charge was $1526; High acuity average 2014 charge for men was $5512. Common symptoms (e.g. $7482 for abdominal pain visit to the ER; $1651 for upper respiratory infection visit; $3058 for a sprain; $4809 for headache including migraine, urinary tract infection averaged $48570 and more. Costs increased with age. See Tables 4 and 5 for average prices for an emergency visit and Insurance status or Self-Pay charges. 21 pages, published by FL Agency for Health Care Admin. Oct. 2014

Trauma Care Guidelines - WHO, 2004 (pdf)

Guidelines for Essential Trauma Care developed by the World Health Organization and others, may be helpful to those who plan trauma care services and anyone promoting improvements in the care of the injured in their country, 106 pages

Truth about ER Visits: 2011 Data from CDC (2014 pdf)

CDC's 2011 National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey reveals the median (typical) waiting time to see a physician or other provider in the Emergency Dept. was 27 minutes (see Table 4). About 60% arrived outside of the M-F 8a to 5p hours. Percent admitted or transferred to another hospital: 13.3%. Main reasons for visit: stomach pain, cramps or spasms; chest pain and fever. Headaches, cough and back pain also common. Of the 40 million injury-related visits, 26% were for falls - almost three times the rate of motor-vehicle traffic related injuries seen in Emergency Rooms. Published Nov. 2014

Other Helpful Listings

Air Ambulance - Air Medical Base Locations by State

Atlas and Database of Air Medical Services (ADAMS) lists air medical service providers, number of aircraft, and geographic coverage. Supported by the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS). No utilization data. Updated Sept. 2010

Average Cost for People with Hospital ER Visit, 2013, MEPS  Editor's Pick

Average expenses for people who had one or more visits to the Emergency Room were $1423 in 2013, according to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS). Median, or typical, cost was $703. For people ages 45 to 64, the cost was substantially higher on average ($1840). Uninsured people under age 65 averaged $1627 in expenses ($572 median), of which they paid almost 1/3 out of pocket. While average cost for those age 65 and up was about $1500, Medicare recipients paid only about 5% out of pocket. Median charges for children under age 18 were $471 to $477

Critical Care Workforce, Supply and Demand

A study of the supply and demand for Critical Care Physicians (intensivists) projects a shortage by 2020. Senate report 108-81 is 41 pages

Emergency Departments: Wait Time and Ambulance Diversions

NCHS Data Brief #102 on Wait Times in Emergency Departments (ED) analyzes ER ambulance diversions and average waiting time in 2009. Report date: August 2012

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