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5 Million Lives Campaign (IHI), Board plank

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Boards on Board - Getting Started Kit from IHI.org

Link to the Get Boards on Board getting started kit (How-To Guide) from IHI.org. Goal is to get trustees to spend more than 25% of their meeting time on quality and safety issues and to undertake 6 activities - including a Deep Dive case study of a significant patient injury. Other 5 Million Lives intervention materials also at this link. Must register (free)

Institute for Healthcare Improvement: 5 Million Lives Campaign

The 5 Million Lives Campaign was an initiative to protect patients from five million incidents of medical harm over two years (December 2006 December 2008). A continuation of IHI's 100,000 Lives Campaign: Some is Not a Number; Soon is Not a Time. Was your hospital on the Fully Committed List (updated Dec. 2008)? Led by Donald Berwick, MD, IHI.org

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