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Baby Boom Population

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Ages 55 to 64 and Racial Disparities, Health and Healthcare

See the Special Feature (Adults Aged 55-64) in CDC's Health 2014 chartbook to find out about the health of the baby boomer population and how it's changed in 10 years. Use of healthcare services also profiled. Most charts use 2012-2013 data. Also of note, is the special feature on Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in the 2015 Chartbook

Baby Boomers & Health Care (pdf)

When I'm 64: How Boomers Will Change Health Care is a 24-page overview of the impact of the baby boom generation on health care. Citing size of the gereration, prevalence of chronic diseases, ethnic diversity and high expectations, and better medical technologies available, this 2007 AHA report predicts an impact beginning in 2010. Most hospitals already know this stuff, but it's nicely packaged for reference, and who doesn't want to remember the Beatles' song?

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