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Dental Health, Oral Care

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Bad Breath (Halitosis) Common Questions

American Dental Association provides valuable information about what causes bad breath, flossing, brushing your tongue, and much more

Dental Health (MedlinePlus)

Topics include healthy gums; plaque and flossing; oral hygiene, sports drinks; sealants; mouthguards; toothpaste; calcium

Methamphetamine Use (Meth Mouth)

The American Dental Association (ADA) has posted photos and described the impact of methamphetamine use on oral health

Other Helpful Listings

Board Certified Orthodontists

Find an orthodontist who is certified by the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO). Click on Find an ABO Diplomate. Website explains qualifications of these specialized dentists

Diabetes Fact Sheet (CDC, 2011)

Excellent 2011 Fact Sheet on diabetes from the Centers for Disease Control shows how many people have diabetes (nearly 26 million, over 8% of US population) or prediabetes (estimated 79 million!), by age group, sex, race; estimates for those undiagnosed. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, accounting for 44% of new cases in 2008. Gives facts on complications, deaths, heart disease & stroke, kidney disease, blindness, amputations and dental disease associated with diabetes

Georgia Health Insurance Plan Ratings and Comparisons 2012

Compare quality ratings and member satisfaction scores for Medicaid plans Amerigroup, PeachState and WellCare of GA. Covers access to care, dental visits, childhood immunizations and obesity, ER visits, lead screening, well child visits, provider satisfaction and member opinions for 2008 through 2010. View one plan at a time. Released October 2011 by Georgia Dept. of Community Health at dch.georgia.gov

PriceDoc - Prices for Cosmetic, Dental, Vision or Medical Procedures

PriceDoc service launched in 2009 allows consumers to compare provider prices (cost for cash-paying customers) for 1800 dentists and physicians (a small fraction of the more than a 1 million doctors in the US). Search by zip code. Network appears to be largest for dentists, plastic surgeons (e.g. liposuction), eye care (e.g. lasik surgery). Buyer beware if details such as facility fee or radiologist charges are not disclosed. Similarly, there are multiple types of colonoscopy, but descriptions are not offered. Consumers may ask PriceDoc to find a nearby provider for a price the consumer considers affordable and is willing to pay. Started by entrepreneurs and investment bankers

Washington Hospital ER Prices and Use (2008-2009)

Find the average charge for a hospital ER visit in Washington (Jan. 2008 to June 2009), by patient age group, or diagnosis. An upper respiratory infection averaged $799, chest pain $4802, headache $2485. Fifty types of emergency visits. Self-pay and uninsured visits shown; average price for a dental disorder ER visit was $489. From the WA state hospital association Oct. 2010

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