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Diet, Nutrition, Food Safety


Primary Listings

Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 (USDA)

New, revised food guidelines to help combat the obesity epidemic. If pressed for time, read the 6 steps for Consumers, or the full executive summary. Released by USDA January 2011

Food and Nutrition Information (American Dietetic Association)

Consumer Resources Section includes Good Nutrition Reading List, Nutrition Fact Sheets

Food Scores, using Overall Nutritional Quality Index - ONQI  Editor's Pick

Innovative nutritional scoring system shows consumers the nutritional value of foods through one score - to essentially compare apples to oranges - using a scale of 1 to 100 for each food. Score based on over 30 nutrients (like important vitamins, minerals and Omega-3) and other nutritional factors like trans fat, sodium, sugar, cholesterol, calories, carbs, and protein quality. NuVal (TM) Scoring System developed by Griffin Hospital, a Yale-affiliated, non-profit community hospital in Derby, CT, and home to Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center; with private entrepreneurs Topco Associates

Nutrient Details for 13,000 foods (USDA, interactive database)

What's In The Foods You Eat Search Tool, 4.1 provides nutrient profiles for 13,000 foods commonly eaten in the U.S. Portion sizes are included for each food. Unfortunately, users may have to scroll thru extra pages to find common foods (such as Banana). Using the Food Coding Scheme might or might not be helpful. Still, a useful resource

Nutrition (MedlinePlus) and Calorie Counter

Calorie Calculator (how many calories per day do you need?), Dietary Guidelines, Food Pyramids, Healthy Eating, Menu Planner, Ethnic Food, Diets, Men and Vegetables. Much more

NutritionData's Calorie and Nutrition Info - All foods

This site provides "food composition" comparison data for any foods you choose. (Enter the food in the search box) See Quick and Healthy Foods

Sample Worksite Policies to Promote Health (pdf)

One page (See Appendix I) list of links to sample policies from a variety of states (UT, CA, CO, MN, NC, MI) and CDC, that promote physical activity, better nutrition and healthy foods at meetings, and smoke-free workplaces. Assembled by Wisconsin

Trans Fat Now Listed on Nutrition Facts Label

Everything you will want to know about Trans Fat - including What It Is, how it raises your LDL (bad) cholesterol, the labeling law effective January 1, 2006, where to find trans fat information on the food label, and more. Check out the references to partially hydrogenated oils. Brought to you by the FDA.

Other Helpful Listings

Fit-Friendly Hospitals, Health Plans, Health Systems

The American Heart Association's Start! 2015 lists of Fit-Friendly Companies shows many hospitals and health systems at the top Platinum level, and at the Gold level. These Honor Roll organizations promote exercise, good nutrition and a wellness culture in the workplace. Some received Fitness Innovation Awards

Prediabetes - Definition and Management Guidelines (ACE/AACE)  Editor's Pick

Consensus statement from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) and the American College of Endocrinology (ACE) for managing pre-diabetes. More than twice the number of current diabetics, are those estimated to have prediabetes. Intensive lifestyle changes are outlined. Published in Endocrine Practice October 2008

Statistical Abstract 2012: Health Utilization, Expenditures, Diseases

US Census Bureau's National Data Book presents statistics on health expenditures and insurance coverage, healthcare workforce, injuries, diseases including 5-year cancer survival rates, disability status, nutritional intake of the population, and food consumption. Average hospital cost per day in 2009 was $1853, or $10,043 per stay (tables 173 & 174); average cost per state is shown. Abstract has not been updated since 2012

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