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Worksite Policies & Practices Promoting Health

Primary Listings

Sample Worksite Policies to Promote Health (pdf)

One page (See Appendix I) list of links to sample policies from a variety of states (UT, CA, CO, MN, NC, MI) and CDC, that promote physical activity, better nutrition and healthy foods at meetings, and smoke-free workplaces. Assembled by Wisconsin

Other Helpful Listings

Influenza Vaccination Coverage among Healthcare Personnel

CDC reports rates of vaccination of health care workers for influenza in the last flu season (2014-20151). An estimated 77% of healthcare workers were vaccinated, up a couple points from the prior year. Best rates were by hospitals (90.4%) and pharmacists (95.3%). Ambulatory care clinics were only 78.4%, long-term care settings were just 64%. Be sure to inquire if your clinic and nursing home staff is getting vaccinated. Published Sept. 18, 2015

Nursing Homes, Employees, Seasonal Flu Shots

A new question to ask your nursing home caregivers: Did you get your flu shot? Nursing homes who pay for their employees' flu shots may have higher compliance, and higher rates of employee immunization, along with resident immunization, reduced influenza outbreaks, and therefore fewer deaths. See this summary by Lisa Shugarman of the Rand Corporation, which appeared in washingtonpost.com March 30, 2007

Work Culture - Physicians and Nurses

Results of survey from July-August 2009 of doctors and nurses (about 16% response rate) pertaining to how they treat each other. Degrading comments were a common complaint. Unfortunately, the verbatim comments are no longer available. Published by American College of Physician Executives (acpe.org) Nov. 2009

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