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Activity Calorie Calculator (Interactive)  Editor's Pick

CalorieLab provides a simple calculator to find out how many calories a person burns doing fun activities - including cooking, fishing, gardening, playing the piano, or walking at a slow pace. Just put in your weight. Activities for all seasons including baseball, football, bicycling, skiing (water and snow), raking the leaves, washing the car ... the list goes on. Compare to how many calories burned in watching TV

Fitness, Nutrition, Prevention (HealthierUS.Gov )

Federal government helps you get tips on physical activity, better diet, screenings and more

Go4Life - Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults

120-page guide describes the benefits of exercise and physical activity for older people (ages 50+). Includes sample exercises for endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Launched November 2011 through National Institute on Aging

How often do physicians advise patients to exercise?

Data from the National Health Interview Survey, 2010, show that about one in three adults (32.4%) who had seen a physician or other health professional in the past 12 months had been advised to begin or continue to do exercise or physical activity. NCHS Data Brief 86, February 2012. This data brief is no longer updated.

Low Back Pain Exercise Guide

Prepared by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). Easy to follow, with simple colorful drawings of exercises. Reviewed 2017

Partnership for Prevention - Community Health Promotion

Action guides for Diabetes Management, Physical Activity and Tobacco treatment on a community level. Web site (prevent.org) has numerous resources

President's Challenge Physical Activity and Fitness Awards  Editor's Pick

This fitness program - tailored to kids, teens, adults and seniors - enables participants to earn awards while getting in better shape. ConsumerHealthRatings.com decided to sign up and win patches and medals for getting in better shape. We achieved the President's Champion - Gold award in 2009. Exercise, log your activity online and track your progress for free. Come join the movement!

Sample Worksite Policies to Promote Health (pdf)

One page (See Appendix I) list of links to sample policies from a variety of states (UT, CA, CO, MN, NC, MI) and CDC, that promote physical activity, better nutrition and healthy foods at meetings, and smoke-free workplaces. Assembled by Wisconsin

Sports Fitness (MedlinePlus)

Stretching, strength training, athletic shoes, sports medicine, sports pressure, carbo-loading, sports nutrition, performance-enhancing drugs and anabolic steroids, (pre-participation) sports physicals for kids

Stretching: Focus on flexibility - MayoClinic.com

Learn four benefits of stretching and how to do it properly, from the Mayo Clinic. Updated 2017

Other Helpful Listings

Lifestyle Improvements vs. Metformin to Prevent Diabetes - Which is better?

The national Diabetes Prevention Program clinical trial found that lifestyle interventions of diet (less fat, fewer calories), exercise (150 minutes a week), and behavior modification to lose 7% of their body weight, reduced risk of developing diabetes by 58%. People on the 850 mg of Metformin (Glucophage) twice a day reduced their risk only by 31%. Both groups were less likely to develop diabetes than the placebo group, where about 11% of the group developed diabetes each year. Federal government NIH publication updated October 2008

Medical Fitness Association: Find an MFA Facility

The Medical Fitness Association (MFA) is a non-profit organization that tracks, supports and promotes the industry of medical fitness centers. Facility locator identifies centers worldwide

Personal Trainers - Find an ACE-certified Professional

Find a personal trainer or other exercise professional certified by ACE - the American Council on Exercise, a large non-profit fitness certification and education provider

Prediabetes - Definition and Management Guidelines (ACE/AACE)  Editor's Pick

Consensus statement from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) and the American College of Endocrinology (ACE) for managing pre-diabetes. More than twice the number of current diabetics, are those estimated to have prediabetes. Intensive lifestyle changes are outlined. Published in Endocrine Practice October 2008

Trends in Health Fitness

American College of Sports Medicine lists findings from their worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2015. Survey sent to personal trainers and other health fitness professionals; 12% response rate (more than 3000 responses). Body weight and high-intensity interval training were the top 2 trends. Published Nov-Dec 2014 issue of Health & Fitness Journal

Workplace Health Achievement Hospitals, Health Plans, Health Systems

The American Heart Association's 2017 list of Workplace Health Achievement companies shows many hospitals and health systems at the top Gold level, and at Silver, Bronze and Early Adopter levels. Honored organizations promote exercise, good nutrition and a wellness culture in the workplace

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