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Compare Emergency Room Prices - by name of hospital

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Florida ER Visit Charges, 2016 (interactive)

Find the average cost of an emergency room (ER / ED) visit at each Florida hospital in 2016. State average ER cost (charge) was $5518 (about $49Billion for nearly 9 million ED visits). North Florida Regional Medical Center in Gainesville had the highest average charge in FL at a whopping $14,320 per ER visit in 2016. Only 1 hospital had an average charge of $1000 or less. Complexity and seriousness of the visit vary from hospital to hospital. Easy to use tool, but not diagnosis-specific. From FloridaHealthFinder.gov.

Nevada Hospital Emergency Room Prices - Compare (free)

Compare hospital ER visit prices (2014) in Nevada for common reasons people visit emergency departments. Choose illness and hospital (one hospital at a time). Compare to common charges in the county and NV average. For example, a migraine treated in ER typically cost $2961 in NV (and a headache costs $5090). Consumers should note that physician fees are extra, and NOT shown in the website prices. They also need to add inflation factors for 2015, 2016 and 2017. Prices are disease-specific. Nevada PricePoint through NV Hospital Assn.

New Hampshire Physician Visit, Outpatient Hospital and Dental Prices - Compare (free)

Compare physician office visit prices, dental prices, hospital outpatient tests, PT visits and some surgery prices, as well as some ER prices (2015-2016 plus 5% inflation) in NH. Choose procedure or test (e.g. lab, Radiology such as x-ray, MRI, CT or ultrasound). Select insurance, or uninsured to compare charges with your deductible. Tonsillectomy, colonoscopy and about 20 different surgeries are in Outpatient, which are bundled to include surgeon and anesthesia costs. Price transparency project developed by the New Hampshire Insurance dept.

Vermont - Compare Hospital ER Prices (2017)  Editor's Pick

Compare published prices for hospital Emergency Room visits, for all 14 hospitals in VT. Average is $317 ($217 for hospital and $100 for doctor, Level 1) to $1692 per visit ($1152 hospital, $540 doctor, Level 5), depending on level of complexity. Both facility and physician charges are shown - an amazing show of leadership in price transparency. Prices do NOT include lab tests, imaging tests or procedures during the ER visit. Prices were good from October 2016 to September 2017; still awaiting new prices for 2018

Wisconsin ER Prices (Emergency Department)

Find typical charge for common visits to emergency departments or hospital-based urgent care. Examples: urinary tract infection (UTI), or nausea and vomiting or teeth problems. Shows median (middle) price for ER (2016-2017) WITHOUT the physician's fee, and how many cases the hospital treated. If the hospital has on-site urgent care, it will show that price also. Example: UW ER cost for UTI was $2171, but much lower at $320 in UW urgent care. Free-standing community Urgent Care clinics are not included in these prices. WI Hospital Association's PricePoint makes comparing hospital prices possible. Compare hospitals downtown vs. those in the suburbs. Lowest price of $1833 for Nausea and Vomiting in west suburbs of Milwaukee compared to $932 downtown.

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