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Compare Dentist Charges and Prices - by name of dentist

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New Hampshire Physician Visit, Outpatient Hospital and Dental Prices - Compare (free)

Compare physician office visit prices, dental prices, hospital outpatient tests, PT visits and some surgery prices, as well as some ER prices (2015-2016 plus 5% inflation) in NH. Choose procedure or test (e.g. lab, Radiology such as x-ray, MRI, CT or ultrasound). Select insurance, or uninsured to compare charges with your deductible. Tonsillectomy, colonoscopy and about 20 different surgeries are in Outpatient, which are bundled to include surgeon and anesthesia costs. Price transparency project developed by the New Hampshire Insurance dept.

PriceDoc - Prices for Cosmetic, Dental, Vision or Medical Procedures

PriceDoc service launched in 2009 allows consumers to compare provider prices (cost for cash-paying customers) for 1800 dentists and physicians (a small fraction of the more than a 1 million doctors in the US). Search by zip code. Network appears to be largest for dentists, plastic surgeons (e.g. liposuction), eye care (e.g. lasik surgery). Buyer beware if details such as facility fee or radiologist charges are not disclosed. Similarly, there are multiple types of colonoscopy, but descriptions are not offered. Consumers may ask PriceDoc to find a nearby provider for a price the consumer considers affordable and is willing to pay. Started by entrepreneurs and investment bankers

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