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Emergency Room/Emergency Department Ratings - Free

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Compare Hospitals at Why Not the Best? (IPRO)  Editor's Pick

If you could choose only one website to check hospital ratings, this might be it. Shows trends and in many cases which hospital has the best performance in the country. Currently using 2014-2015 data for most measures. Some measure are older. Heart care, pneumonia, surgery, patient satisfaction, survival rates (mortality) and more. Trends are shown for many hospitals, and you might be able to find Top Performers in the country at this website. Operated by IPRO

HealthGrades Top 5% Hospital Emergency Depts (Medicare)

Emergency Medicine Excellence Award is a list of 263 hospitals in US that have lower risk-adjusted mortality (death) rates of Medicare patients admitted to the hospital through the Emergency Room (ER). Twelve conditions (including heart failure, heart attack, COPD, stroke and sepsis) for Medicare patients were studied, representing 22% of Medicare admissions. Hospital names start on page 4. Data are from 2008-2010 Medicare only, published by HealthGrades 2012. No update available

Other Helpful Listings

Top Performers - Why Not the Best Hospitals (IPRO)

Side-by-side comparison tool of 4500 US hospitals called Why Not the Best? Using current data from the CMS Hospital Compare website, this tool helps people compare overall and composite performance on heart failure, heart attack, pneumonia, surgical infection prevention, and patient satisfaction, and identifies the top 1% of hospitals. Easy to use, but geared to health care professionals to improve hospital performance.Created by the Commonwealth Fund, transferred to IPRO in Jan. 2015

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