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Migraines, Headaches, Convulsions, Seizures

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Headache (MedlinePlus)

How headaches differ; tension, migraine, cluster, rebound, sinus headaches, every kind of headache you can imagine; headache diaries

Migraine (MedlinePlus)

Helpful information on headache pain, prevention, triggers, chronic migraines, treatment, triptans and other drugs, more

Migraines and Other Headaches - Expenses & Healthcare Use (AHRQ-MEPS pdf)

Average annual estimates on health service use and expenses for migraines and other headaches. Average headache expenditures were $566 in 2002-2003, with median expenditures at $212. Statistical Brief #115, published Feb. 2006

Other Helpful Listings

Joint Commission Disease-Specific Care - Certified Hospitals

List of Primary Stroke Centers, Stroke Rehab, and other disease-specific care certified organizations in the US. Most are hospitals. Other certified programs include orthopedic joint replacement (hip, knee), COPD (most listed under A for Advanced COPD), sickle cell services, burn center, bariatric surgery, high-risk OB; bone marrow, heart, liver transplants; cancer (including breast, lung, pancreatic, prostate); diabetes; AAA, Alzheimer's, sleep program, wound care, spine treatment program, migraines, Parkinsons disease, ESRD, palliative care, epilepsy, congestive heart failure, heart failure, AMI, pneumonia and more. Long list, may be hard to use because health condition certifications are listed under multiple titles such as "Advanced"

Nevada Hospital Emergency Room Prices - Compare (free)

Compare hospital ER visit prices (2011) in Nevada for common reasons people visit emergency departments. Choose illness and hospital (one hospital at a time). Compare to common charges in the county and NV average. For example, a migraine treated in ER typically cost $2200 in NV (and a headache costs $4162). Consumers should note that physician fees are extra, and NOT shown in the website prices. They may also need to add inflation factor for 2012. Prices are disease-specific. Nevada PricePoint through NV Hospital Assn.

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