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Seniors, Women, Special Populations & Disparities in Healthcare


Primary Listings

African-American Health (MedlinePlus)

Helpful information leading causes of death for African-Americans: heart disease, cancer, stroke (per CDC, NCHS 2014), and other health concerns such as diabetes, immunization (e.g. flu shot), infant mortality, glaucoma, mental health. Extensive set of links

Asian-American Health (MedlinePlus)

Helpful information for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Top 3 causes of death (2014): Cancer, Heart Disease, and Stroke

Asian-American Health Statistics (CDC)

Tables from Health United States provide breakouts by ethnicity in most cases. See also CDC report: Health Characteristics of the Asian Adult Population: US, 2004-2006 (publication No. 394, 2008). It's an older report than the (2013-2014) tables, but explains things in one report

EthnoMed - Culture-Specific Practices in Health Care

EthnoMed.org contains information about cultural beliefs, medical issues and other related issues pertinent to the health care of refugees and recent immigrants to the US. Site has cultural profiles for Bhutanese, Cambodian, Chinese, Ethiopian, Hispanic, Hmong, Iraqi, Karen, Somali, Vietnamese and other groups. Addresses health practices during Ramadan. Created by Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington

Hispanic-American Health (MedlinePlus)

Helpful information for Americans of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, South or Central American origin. Top 3 causes of death (2013) for Hispanics/Latinos: Cancer, Heart Disease and Cerebrovascular Disease (e.g. stroke)

Native-American Health (MedlinePlus)

Helpful resources for American Indian and Alaska Natives. Over 500 federally recognized tribes. In aggregate, top 3 causes of death (2014): heart disease, cancer and accidents (unintentional injuries). Links to find an Indian Health Service facility

Resources on Native American Health and special topics

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine provides the resource lists and links for its in person and online webinar classes. Examples include Health on the Range Rural Issues, American Indian Health Information and many resources for librarians. Must expand the titles since it's not clear what each class is about from the first few words shown on screen.

Rural Health Concerns (MedlinePlus)

Includes topics such as agriculture health and safety, critical access hospitals, oral health (dentists), EMS ambulance, and many resources from the Rural Health Information Hub

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