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Anti-Fraud Resource Center for Consumers (NHCAA)

Healthcare fraud is estimated at billions in annual payment costs, according to the National Health Care Anti-fraud Association (NHCAA). Here's what consumers can do to help avoid health care scams and illegal medical charges; and where to report suspected criminal health insurance activity

Consumer Demand for Clinical Quality: The Giant Awakens (Classic)

This report by VHA was truly one of the most remarkable research reports in the field of consumers and healthcare quality. Given its date (2000 Research Series), it could be considered a ground-breaking classic. Although performance has improved in many areas since 2000, more leaders reading this report and asking some tough questions, can only help organizations improve at a faster rate. While the report is no longer available online, the press release summary is.

Consumers' Views of Patient Safety and Quality Information (KFF)

The Kaiser Family Foundation (Kaiser Health Tracking Poll) released survey findings on the public's views and experiences with comparative quality information. Results from telephone survey early August, 2008 showed only 6 percent had heard of HospitalCompare.gov at that time. Relative importance of familiarity vs ratings described for selecting health plans, surgeons and hospitals is compared to prior years

Healthy People 2020 - Goals

Healthy People 2020 is the US government's set of national objectives to prevent disease and promote health. There are hundreds of objectives in 42 areas, including Cancer, Physical Activity, Diabetes, Nutrition and Weight, Tobacco Use, Substance Abuse, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Chronic Kidney Disease and more. New topics & goals for genomics, global health, dementia/alzheimer's, adolescents, older adults, preparedness, sleep, healthcare-associated infections and others

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Other Helpful Listings

Doctor and Dentist Ratings and Reviews

Patients may rate anyone called Doctor (such as chiropractors and dentists) in the US and selected countries at this site: RateMDs.com. As of June 2017, very few physicians had more than 30 patient ratings. Most physicians only have one patient rating. Doctors are rated on their staff, their punctuality, helpfulness and knowledge. Unable to sort list by rankings or number of ratings. Consumers may add a comment. Be VERY CAUTIOUS in using these ratings as the results may NOT be valid.

HCAHPS - Patient Satisfaction Scores for Hospitals 2017  Editor's Pick

Use the Find and Compare hospitals tab to view patient satisfaction survey ratings and opinions by hospital inpatients across the US. Side by side comparisons for 3 hospitals at a time, 2016-2017 data. Find out how many patients would recommend their hospital, and the percent who give their hospital a 9 or 10 score. Voluntary hospital participation. Federal government oversees the HCAHPS survey process (H-Caps) - Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems

Massachusetts Primary Care Clinic Ratings and Patient Satisfaction  Editor's Pick

Compare adult and pediatric clinical quality and patient experience among primary care medical groups in Massachusetts. Must choose location first. Includes medical clinics that have 3 doctors or more. Patient satisfaction (willingness to recommend the clinic, ability to get a pediatric or primary care appointment and more) is measured statewide. Quality ratings on cancer screening, lower back pain, diabetes tests, medication management, depression, ADHD, strep throat, asthma care, well child visits, and more. Healthcare Compass MA site by Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (MHQP) shows 2014 scores

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