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Operations, Programs, and Construction


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Behavioral Health Recommendations from AHA (pdf)

American Hospital Association recommendations to hospitals for planning and operating mental health and substance abuse programs, issued September 2007. 16 pages

Innovations Exchange (AHRQ)

Health Care Innovations and Quality Tools program designed to support healthcare professionals in sharing and adopting innovations that improve delivery of care to patients. Browse by disease topic, subject, patient type or delivery setting. More than 300 Innovation Profiles and 1400 quality tools in the AHRQ program website; updated 2009

Innovative Care Models (April 2008)

Twenty four (24) models of promising health care delivery are profiled with descriptions, implementation features, results and lessons learned. Models help lower health costs, improve quality & safety, manage chronic disease, increase patient satisfaction or address nurse shortages. Selected from research and evaluation of 171 models, conducted and funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Health Workforce Solutions

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