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Alabama Hospital Infections, 2020

Compare level of infections at Alabama hospitals in 2020. Healthcare associated infections are grouped by type of infection (catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI), central line-associated blood stream infection (CLABSI), surgical site infection (SSI) associated with colon surgery, and SSI associated with abdominal hysterectomy. Hospital-specific data shown for Birmingham and 6 other regions, along with whether the hospital is better, similar or worse than national average.

As an example, better scores in 2020 on CAUTI went to 13 hospitals across the state. But being excellent in one area does not necessarily apply to other types of infections. Significantly worse ratings for both CAUTI and CLABSI infections went to both Baptist Medical Center hospitals. Huntsville Hospital and Mobile Infirmary Medical Center both had “worse” ratings for CLABSI. By Alabama Dept. of Public Health; 18 pages published December 2021.

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