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Alzheimer’s Facts and Figures 2022

Facts and figures, 2022, for Alzheimer’s Disease. Find overview, prevalence (estimated over 6 million Americans; one in 9 people age 65+), and detailed information about caregivers, long-term care costs, deaths from Alzheimer’s and lifetime risk. Addresses other dementias. For those who are age 85 or older, about 1/3 are estimated to have dementia. Twenty states were estimated to have at least 100,000 people with Alzheimer’s in 2020 – California leads the way with 690,000 estimated for 2020. Medicare paid about $21,000 for a beneficiary age 65+ with Alzheimer’s, compared to $7,600 for a Medicare patient without Alzheimer’s. Out-of-pocket expenses were $9,844, compared to $2,420 for someone without the disease (2021 dollars). Consumers should be advised that Medicaid (not Medicare) is the only public program that covers long-term nursing home care costs for those who qualify. Of the total costs of care for those age 65+ with Alzheimer’s, out-of-pocket payments are estimated to be larger ($81 billion) than Medicaid payments ($60 B). Extensive report by the nonprofit Alzheimer’s Association published 2022.

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