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Average Cost for Cancer Hospitalizations

Report shows average cost for a cancer-related adult hospitalization was $22,100 ($3,400 per day) in 2017. Adding medical inflation rate, the average cost would be $25,300 ($3,900 per day) in 2022 dollars. Average length of stay was 6.5 days; 4.9% died in hospital. Among the most frequent types of cancer admissions, Colorectal cancer cost $21,500 (6.9 days); Respiratory cancers cost $19,000 (6.3 days), prostate cancer $14,900 (2.2 days). A hospital stay for multiple myeloma averaged $32,900; for acute myeloid leukemia, the average cost was $64,700. To estimate 2022 costs, add medical inflation rate of about 15% to the 2017 dollars. Actual charges would be higher than costs shown in the report. Almost half (47%) of adult cancer hospitalizations were in people under age 65. Statistical Brief #270 from AHRQ uses HCUP data, published January 2021.

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