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Average Cost of a Pediatric Hospital Stay

The average cost of a pediatric hospital stay in 2016 was about $7,800. This was for ages 0 to 20 years old. Newborn births averaged $5,000. A mental illness stay was about $5,900 and a teen mother’s stay was $4,600. A complicated birth averaged $7,800, but major newborn problems could easily run the cost to $70,000. These numbers are estimated costs; charges would be higher. The report does not disclose the cost-to-charge ratios. Add about 17.5% medical inflation to estimate 2022 costs. Other types of hospitalizations are also listed. Statistical Brief #250 Costs of Pediatric Hospital Stays, 2016, was published by AHRQ’s HCUP (Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project), August 2019.

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