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Average Cost of Dentist Visit

The average cost of a visit to the dentist (for people who had a dentist visit in 2019) was $362 (estimated $397 in 2022 dollars, with medical inflation). Because many people have more than one dental visit during the year, the average total cost was $826 per person (estimated $906 in 2022 dollars). Cost per dental visit was lower in 2019 than in 2018, by about 3.5%. Cost was defined as “expenditure” or amount paid; charges (prices) may be higher. Overall, 45% percent of people had a dental visit during 2019. Must use the data tool to find the information. However, an older publication, Research Findings #38 showed only 26% of those without dental insurance had a dental visit in 2015. The average number of visits was 2.2 for those who went to a dentist in 2015, and about 2.3 in 2018. The Research Findings #38 has additional details about dental use, expenses and coverage trends through 2015. MEPS (Medical Expenditure Panel Study) data retrieved January 2023.

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