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Average Deductible and Co-Pay in Health Insurance: MEPS, 2021

Find the average health insurance deductible and co-pay in the MEPS Insurance Component 2021 Chartbook. The report shows that about 89% of employees had health insurance plans with an annual deductible. Average individual deductible was $2,004, but in small (under 50 employees) and medium size firms (50-99 employees) deductibles averaged about $2,400 to $2,500 (single). Family average deductible in US was $3,868 in 2021. For the smallest companies, the average family deductible was close to $5,000 ($4,945). Average copayment for an office visit was $27.41. Total out-of-pocket maximum costs averaged $4,688 for single coverage, but more than $5,000 for those in a company of less than 100 employees. Family out-of-pocket maximums were $9,000 or more. Average deductible and copays are also shown by state. Hawaii, for example, is unusual in that only 38% of employees are in a plan with a deductible. Large report and many charts showing trends since 2009. See Section 5 for employee cost-sharing, and scroll to the charts for a quick view. Data from the 2021 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, Chartbook #26, published October 2022.

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