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Average Health Insurance Cost, Group Market: MEPS: public sector vs private sector

Find the average 2021 health insurance cost in the public sector (all state and local government) market. The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) data tool identifies the nationwide 2021 average premium cost for public sector job-related health insurance at $8,573 for singles and $23,255 for family coverage. However, the employee contributions to the premiums were fairly modest if they worked for government employers. Employees paid an average of $960 ($80 per month) for Single coverage, and $4,456 for Family coverage in 2021. The average deductible in 2021 was $1,491 for a Single plan (compared to $2,004 in a private sector plan), and $2,853 for a Family plan through the government (vs. $3,868 private sector). Regional breakouts of government data are available. If using the PDFs, see Tables Series III, Table III.C.I beginning on page 23 to view relevant public sector data. Updated 2023.

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