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Average Health Insurance Cost, MEPS 2022, by State (KFF)

Find the average health insurance cost for each state in 2022. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) shows average Single,  Family and Employee Plus One health insurance premiums and deductibles using MEPS data for 2022. For US employer coverage, the average Single premium cost was $7,590 ($633 per month), and the average Family premium cost was $21,931. Oklahoma had the lowest Single premium rates ($6,713), followed by Mississippi ($6,726). New York had the highest average single premium cost at $8,936. Family rates were lowest in Okla. ($19,003 per year); highest in Alaska ($25,892, $2,158 per month).

Deductibles: Single deductibles averaged $1,992. Washington DC had the lowest single person deductibles in 2022, averaging $1,343. Hawaii had an average $1,352 single deductible. These were the only two that had average deductibles under $1,500. The highest average deductible for a single plan was $2,771 (Maine). Family deductibles averaged $3,811, ranging from $3,009 in Washington DC, to $4,858 in South Dakota.

Amounts paid by Employers: On average, employers paid 78% of the single premium cost, and paid 70% of the family premium. Employees paid the difference: 22% of single premium cost and 30% of the family monthly premium. See specifics in each state. MEPS is the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. Updated November 2023.

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