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Average Total Premiums and Employee Contribution, Selected Cities, 2020

The 2020 average health insurance premiums and amounts of employee contribution are shown for selected cities and metropolitan regions. MEPS table IX.A.2 shows annual premium costs for single, single-plus-one, and family coverage for private-sector businesses. All areas had average single premiums over $6,000 per year. Average single premiums in in a few parts of the country continue to exceed $8,000: Alaska, and parts of Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire and Vermont. Lowest single rate $6,184 was in out-state Utah. Average employee-plus-one premiums were over $11,000 across the US; just one exception was the Virginia Beach-Norfolk VA area, where premiums for employee-plus-one cost $10,509. The Alaska and New Hampshire metro area near Boston had employee-plus-one rates that topped $17,000. Family premiums were best in Birmingham-Hoover, Alabama at $16,408 per year. Family premiums were highest in parts of New Hampshire, nearing $26,000. Average Single contribution was under $2,000 in almost all parts of the US. Coverage levels and plan design will vary. Data from MEPS, the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, Insurance Component.

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