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California Penalties for Hospitals (2022)

Find CA hospitals and long term care facilities (nursing homes) with 2022 penalties for violations or deficiencies that represent an immediate jeopardy to the health and safety of a patient or resident. The annual reports have now been replaced by the State Enforcement Actions Dashboard. Amounts of penalties (which used to be up to $125,000 per incident) are listed by name for 2022 and back to 2015. However, you MUST know the facility license number in order to see the fines. Otherwise, all the facilities are mingled together. In addition to hospitals and nursing homes, penalties for medical information breaches are identified. Almost $5 million in penalties have been given for medical information breaches since 2015. Total amounts for all penalties in 2021 were about $9.5 million. Most of the penalties were given to long term care facilities. Incident summaries do not appear to be available at this site. Regularly updated by the California Dept. of Public Health (cdph).

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