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Case Numbers for COVID-19 Coronavirus in the United States (KFF)

Discover the COVID-19 case count numbers by state, and total for the United States. This quick summary table by KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) shows number of coronavirus cases and deaths by state. Updated most weekdays in 2021. Cases have increased 4% in the past two weeks. A majority of states (29) are reporting increases. As of April 20, the top five states for recent daily Covid cases per million population were Michigan, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Florida continues to lead the states with the highest test positivity rates at 36.5%, compared to the national average of 15.7%. Select data table. Deaths in long term care facilities (nursing homes and assisted living facilities) represented 33% of total deaths, and 1,419,000 cases as of April 12, 2021. In New Hampshire, the long term care share of deaths was 69%. Total long term care deaths in the states and DC topped 182,000. Nearly 34,500 long term care facilities had Covid cases; New York is the only state reporting LTC deaths but not cases.

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