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Cigarette Smoking Among Adults – United States, 2020

Cigarette Smoking Among Adults – United States gives official 2020 tobacco use statistics from CDC. The US Healthy People 2030 goal is to reduce the percent of adults smoking to 5% of the population – a more aggressive goal than in 2020. Data for 2020 showed 12.5% of adults smoked. For those with less than $35,000 household income, one in five smoked cigarettes. High school graduates had a 17.6% smoking rate, compared to 3.5% for those who had a graduate degree. Over one in three (26.9%) of those with depression smoked cigarettes. The highest rate of adult smokers was ages 45 to 64, at almost 15%. Smoking rates were highest in the Midwest. About 480,000 deaths per year are attributed to smoking. The latest MMWR reports on tobacco, e-cigarettes and youth smoking can be accessed here. Data are based on the National Health Interview Survey.

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