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Connecticut – Adverse Event Summary for State, Oct 2018 (pdf)

Connecticut’s 2018 Adverse Event Summary shows event type and patient demographics in aggregate for the state (2017 events). Includes counts of falls with injury, surgery mistakes, pressure ulcers (bedsores), endoscopy perforations, medication errors, sexual abuse or assault of a patient or staff member, and other serious quality issues in CT. Nearly 1/4 of 351 adverse event reports in 2017 were from adult Medical unit locations; 17% in Medical ICU, 8% in Adult surgical units; 6% Psychiatric unit; just 4% in Operating Rooms (a substantial decline from the priorĀ  year). Over 80 percent of adverse events were either pressure ulcers (59%) or falls with injury (24%). Specific surgery centers and hospitals events are shown beginning on page 18

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