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Diabetes Hospital Stays, average cost & length of stay, 2018

An average hospital stay for diabetes cost between $6,000 to $14,200 in 2018. The average cost varied by age group. It also varied between whether the main diagnosis was Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 pediatric hospital stays had an average cost of $6,000. (With medical price inflation, it is equal to about $6,650 in 2022). A Type 2 inpatient stay averaged $12,100 for ages 18-64. (With medical inflation, the 2022 dollars would be about $13,400.) For ages 65+, the average cost for a Type 2 stay was about $14,200 ($15,700 in 2022 dollars). Charges (prices) would be a lot higher than “cost”. The report did not show Charges. Type 2 diabetes hospital stays cost more than Type 1, for each age group. The average length of stay was 5.3 days for a Pediatric Type 1 hospital stay. Adult Type 2 hospital stays averaged 5.1 days (ages 18 to 64) and 5.9 days (ages 65+). AHRQ Statistical Brief #279 “Diabetes Related Inpatient Stays” was published July 2021.

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