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High Deductible Health Plan Enrollees: EBRI 2022 Survey

Which is better? A high deductible health plan (HDHP) or traditional health insurance?  This 2023 summary from EBRI presents findings from the Annual (2022) Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey. The IRS definition of a HDHP in 2023 is a minimum $1,500 deductible for individuals and $3,000 deductible for a family plan.

The latest survey showed HDHP enrollment increased by one point to 32% of the adult population under age 65. Both those with and without a Health Savings Account (HSA) were surveyed. In 2022, HDHP enrollees continue to be less satisfied than those in traditional plans. More than half (56%) of traditional plan enrollees were satisfied in the first year. This compares to less than one-third (31%) who were satisfied with their HDHP plan. Those who had been in their High Deductible plan for more than a year were 18% to 27% less satisfied than those in traditional insurance. Details were not disclosed in the summary.

Both Traditional plan members and HDHP enrollees have the same top 4 reasons for selecting their plans: the network of providers, prescription drug coverage, low out of pocket costs and low premiums. The prior year’s 2021 survey gives greater detail on behavior differences between Traditional plan and HDHP enrollees. Survey was conducted October to November 2022. PowerPoint PPT presentation published February 2023. EBRI is the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

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