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High Deductible Health Plan Enrollees: EBRI 2018 Survey

December 2018 issue brief (No. 468) presents findings from the Annual (2018) EBRI Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey. Estimated 46% of the population under age 65 are enrolled in high deductible health plans (HDHPs), about half of whom had a Health Saving Account HSA-eligible (or HRA) plan.  Consumers with a high deductible were much more likely to delay care because of cost (33%) compared to those enrolled in a traditional plan (18%). While HDHP enrollees looked for cost information much more often than traditional plan people, they were actually less likely to have been able to find it. HDHP enrollees checked quality ratings for doctors or hospitals more often than those in traditional plans did (41% vs 33%). As to fitness memberships, HDHP enrollees were less likely to participate than those in traditional plans. Although the survey reportedly measures consumer satisfaction, this year’s report did not include those results. Past years’ findings reported lower satisfaction with HDHPs than people with traditional health insurance.

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