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High Deductible Health Plan Enrollees: EBRI 2019 Survey

Are you enrolled in a high deductible health plan (HDHP)?  This December 2019 PowerPoint PPT presentation from EBRI summarizes findings from the Annual (2019) Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey. Past surveys have defined high deductible health plans as having an annual deductible of at least $1,350 individual ($2,700 for a family plan).  This year’s survey summary confirms HDHPs are growing. Last year’s survey showed that an estimated 46% of the adult population under age 65 were enrolled in HDHPs. As in past years, HDHP enrollees continue to be less satisfied than those in traditional plans. They are modestly less satisfied with Quality of Care, but dramatically less satisfied with what they pay for out of pocket care, including prescription drugs. They also report higher dissatisfaction with choices of plans. HDHP enrollees rate lower cost of monthly premium in their top 3 considerations in choosing a health plan. Traditional members put low out of pocket costs in their top 3.

HDHP enrollees checked quality ratings for doctors or hospitals more often than those in traditional plans did (45% vs 36%).  They also were more likely to check prices than traditional plan members (46% vs 35%), but more often said they couldn’t find useful and timely cost information.  Health Savings Account (HSA) users are described in this survey summary. Hopefully, a full issue brief will be posted, as in past years. Survey was conducted in August-September 2019. Published December 2019. As an aside, the IRS definition will raise the definition of a HDHP in 2020 to $1,400 individual and $2,800 family.

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