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Florida 2020 Reported Healthcare Incident Summaries

Aggregate healthcare incident summaries reported in FL hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes for 2020. The most common “Code 15 Adverse Incidents” in the last full year (2019) were over 4,000 incidents requiring transfer to a more acute facility; almost 1,800 fracture dislocations; and over 1,600 incidents reported to law enforcement for investigation. Most of these types of events were reported as coming from Assisted Living facilities. Other types of incidents include surgical procedure mistakes, death or brain injury from medical care; elopements, and other categories. Code 15 reports are required for each serious patient injury as defined in state statute, within 15 days of when injury occurred. No facility names given. Updated year to date and each quarter, with annual summary by provider type. In 2019, there were 17 reported deaths (unexpected) in ambulatory surgery centers, and 148 hospital incidents resulting in patient deaths. Maintained by Florida AHCA Adverse Incident Reporting System (AIRS).

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