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Florida Prescription Drug Prices 2023

The official Florida Prescription Drug Price website helps consumers easily compare 2023 prices for the 300 most commonly dispensed and approved prescription drugs for Medicaid patients in FL. Consumer Health Ratings found large price variation among pharmacies. Here’s an example: In  Miami-Dade County, March 2023 prices ranged from $562 to $1,965 for the same drug Eliquis (5 mg, quantity 60). ($620 was the cost at CVS; Walgreens price was $599. This example excludes the lowest area price of $46, and the highest price of nearly $42,000 – not kidding – at La Cubana Pharmacy Discount in Miami.) Another example: Warfarin 2 mg prices ranged from $17 to a $44 per prescription. In other cases, pharmacy prices might be nearly identical to each other. Drugs vary by city, include  amlodopine, Flovent, Januvia, Jardiance, Latuda, Metoprolol, Ozempic, Spiriva, Trazodone, Vraylar, Xarelto and more. One of the few pharmacy cost comparison sites left in the US. Unfortunately high priced, heavily advertised brand name best-selling drugs (Humira, Revlimid, Opdivo, Keytruda, Enbrel, Herceptin, Avastin, Rituxan, Xarelto, Eylea, Remicade, Prevnar 13, Stelara, Lyrica, and Vyvanse) are not included. Updated monthly.

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