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Health Insurance Premiums – 2020 Employer Health Benefits Survey – KFF

KFF’s annual Employer Health Benefits survey for 2020 reports that premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance coverage rose 4% for families and 4% for singles. Average single coverage cost $7,470 per year ($1,243 paid by workers), and family coverage averaged $21,342 per year ($5,588 paid by employees). High deductible health plans (with savings option) have about 31% share of covered workers, but overall, 83% of workers had a deductible. The average single deductible was $1,644, down $11 from 2019. More than one in four covered workers had a deductible of at least $2,000. For small firms, the average single deductible was $2,295, although firms may make a contribution toward that cost. Average copays were $26 for a primary care visit, and $42 for a specialist. Survey of 1,765 nonfederal public and private companies with 3 or more employees completed Jan. to July, 2020. Findings released October 2020 by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF). Very detailed report

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