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Healthcare Employment Projections, U.S. to 2029 (pdf)

Healthcare Employment Projections is an overview by sector and by occupation for the period 2019 through 2029. Ten-year job growth rate for healthcare is projected to top 12%. This compares to non-healthcare expected growth of 3%. In the prior ten years, healthcare growth was about 19% to nonhealthcare growth of 13%. In 2019, healthcare jobs represented 14.4% of the US economy. While 422,000 new Registered Nurse jobs will be added, the largest number of new healthcare jobs – 570,000 – will be needed in personal care and home health aide positions. Home Health overall is expected to add 456,000 jobs. From the NY Center for Health Workforce Studies at, using Bureau of Labor Statistics projections. Published August 2021; 38 pages

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