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Help Guide for Hospital Quality Ratings – Three Steps to Begin (READ ME)

Hospital quality ratings are prepared by a huge number of different organizations, which makes it difficult for the consumer to learn & compare. A hospital “good” in one service, may not have a strong ranking in another. Most important – do not assume anything, and check more than one source. Three steps to begin:

  1. Check the first few national (all states) listings on this page, below.
  2. Check a report prepared by someone in your state – it might be more comprehensive and/or current.
  3. If you need certain specialty information, such as heart care information, read a cardiac ratings report for example (subcategory at the top of this page), since some areas are more highly developed.

Compare the findings and talk it over with your doctor and, if necessary, community leaders. PS – you can learn a lot by checking reports in other states – about survival, performance, quality standards and consumer responsibilities

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