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Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture (AHRQ)

The AHRQ Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture now has 2.0 results for 2021. The 2021 survey shows an overview of findings from 172 hospitals. Survey results are from 87,856 hospital staff members (47% avg. response rate). While teamwork within units, and supervisors promoting safety received relatively high marks, the staffing and pace of work for staff, as well as handoffs and information exchange, were identified as weaker areas. Staff expressed concerns about having enough staff to handle the workload, and about staff working longer hours than would be best for patient care. Nursing assistants scored the staffing and pace items the lowest. Less than half of staff were positive about hospital’s management being interested in patient safety all the time – not just after an adverse event happens; RNs were particularly critical of this. Staff also scored transferring patients from one unit to another lower, because of important information often being left out. Pharmacists and pharmacy techs scored this last item the lowest.

Some of the lowest scores came from people working on Med/Surg units, Emergency Departments and ICUs. On a composite basis, Administration and Rehab/Physical Therapy scored culture the highest. See Charts 5-1 and 5-2 for the overview. Detailed breakouts by position and department are in the appendixes. Published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, AHRQ, March 2021. Survey results for 2021 using the 1.0 survey tool are also available, from 320 hospitals and almost 192,000 staff.

Surveys on Patient Safety Culture (SOPS) can also be accessed from this AHRQ web page for medical offices, nursing homes (see listing below), community pharmacies and ambulatory surgery centers.

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