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Individual Employee Annual Health Insurance Premium Cost – 2020

Average health insurance premium cost was $7,149 per year (about $596 per month) in 2020 for an individual employee. This was up about 2.5% from last year. See table of costs for single person policy. Costs are for employee enrollees. No states managed to come in under $6,000 for a year for one person. Employee contributions were the lowest in Hawaii at about $71 per month, and in Washington state, at about $95 per month. Employer contributions picked up the rest of the cost. Employees paid on average $158 per month in South Carolina, the highest contribution. Average single employee contribution in US was about $128 per mo. ($1,532 per year) or 21% of the total premium; employers paid 79% of single coverage premiums on average. Employers paid the most in Alaska and New York, where total premiums were over $8,000 for single employee coverage. Compare how much a month health insurance costs in each state. Benefit coverage varies by state and policy. Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) prepared the tables using MEPS data (Medical Expenditure Panel Study).

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