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Kaiser State Health Facts: Uninsured Rates

Kaiser State Health Facts shows total uninsured rates for the non-elderly by race/ethnicity. Compares ethnic groups on being uninsured. Shows 2019 data. Overall, the US uninsured rate was 10.9%. This represented a worsening by a half-percent compared to 2018. Highest overall uninsured rates were in TX (20.9%); Oklahoma (17.6%), Florida (16.3% uninsured), followed by Georgia (15.5%) and Mississippi (15.4%). Rounding out the top 10 for highest rates of people without insurance were WY, NC, NV, AZ and SC. American Indian/Alaska Native uninsured was 21.7%; Hispanic uninsured was 20%; black uninsured was 11.4%, compared to White uninsured (7.8%) and Asian/Pacific Islander uninsured at 7.4%.

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