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Kentucky – Average Cost for Inpatient Hospital Stay – 2021

Find the average cost for a hospital inpatient stay in Kentucky during 2021. The top 25 most common types of discharges are listed. Average charges – statewide (rounded to nearest hundred) – were $19,300 for psychoses (8 days). Maternity and childbirth charges: normal newborn average charge was $4,500; a normal delivery cost about $13,300 or $14,700 with complications; C-Section average was $24,100; with complications it was $27,400. A 6.5 day stay for Alcohol/Drug abuse or dependence averaged $16,800.  A hospital stay for renal (kidney) failure with complications cost $32,800; with Major complications it was $44,500. Select Inpatient Hospitalization Report (on the right) for 2021. Then scroll to Table 2. Average prices are also provided for 15 regions of the state. Published by the Health and Family Services dept. of KY, June 2022.

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