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Kentucky Hospital Prices – free (KHA)

Find hospital inpatient prices, free, in Kentucky. Compare KY hospitals side-by-side on inpatient charges for the most recent 12-month period. Current to 2018. Organized by body area, which must be selected before you can see the inpatient service desired. (This is an improvement over the former, more complicated MSDRG system). Average charge for a normal newborn in 2018 was $3,661. Vaginal delivery without complications cost $10,860; an uncomplicated c-section averaged over $18,000. A mental health 7.4 average length of stay with Psychoses diagnosis, was $16,399 average price. A joint replacement (hip or knee) had a $63,000 sticker price, for an average length of stay of 2.3 days. Offered by the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA).

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