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MinuteClinic Price List

MinuteClinic price list gives cash prices for hundreds of services or tests, many priced in the $99 to $139 range. MinuteClinic is owned by CVS Pharmacy. Some clinics are inside Target stores. Published list prices range from $99 to $139 for strep throat, plus $35-$45 for the strep throat test. Rapid Covid test is $120 or $149; $69; seasonal flu shot $50 or $74; Vitamin B12 injection $35; pregnancy test $25 (pregnancy evaluation is $89 plus test costs). Other prices include costs for Sport physicals, bug bites, skin rash, ear wax removal ($99-$139, possibly per ear); A1c checks, Shingles vaccine $179, urinary tract and bladder infections (up to $139); flu test for influenza A & B $70 to $100; monitoring or treatment for high blood pressure or high cholesterol; one-time medication renewal $99 to $139; HPV vaccination at $261 each; and many more. Services available in nearly all states and DC. E-Clinic visits (virtual consults) use the same providers and prices. They are available 9am to 5 pm. A cheaper $59 video visit with a telemedicine provider in their extended network may be available 24/7. Check Virtual Care telehealth. Current 2022 prices at Minute Clinic are listed, but are subject to change. Updated July 2022.

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